Fay Ray Clay was founded in early 2022 as an offering from my household to yours. My wish is that the ceramic designs and aesthetics I have shaped over decades will now bring pleasure to and find purpose in your homes as well.

I am a Los Angeles–based artist, wife, and mother. Fay Ray Clay is the convergence of my multimedia art practice of over 20 years with functional ceramics; it’s the synthesis of my aesthetic vision, day to day rituals, practical, individual and familial needs. It’s also an expression of a holistic creative life—an artistic offering at a scale that one can possess. 

I hold two degrees in art; a Bachelor’s degree from Otis College of Art and Design and a Masters degree from Columbia University. I began my artistic studies at Otis in “Environmental Design”, a curriculum intended to support a deeper understanding of the form and function of objects and spaces from landscape to product design. I completed my degree at Otis with a fine arts focus in 2002. In 2003 I went to New York to study at Columbia University with an emphasis on sculpture. In 2009 I returned to Los Angeles where I live and work today. 

Three generations ago my family came to Southern California from Mexico and began decades of work in agriculture first as migrant workers, then truck drivers and distributors. I grew up exploring the many beautiful regions of the Southwest on their routes. My fondest memories of childhood are the times my family and I spent traversing the large expanses of the Mojave desert, interspersed with special trips to various beaches all along the pacific coast to the Gulf of Mexico. It is my hope that my ceramic offerings to you create ease and intimacy in your space and imbue some essence of these sublime and contrasting ecologies.